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Oxynorm (Oxycodone) 10mg Capsule



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Oxynorm (Oxycodone) 10mg capsules: Oxynorm (Oxycodone) treats moderate to severe pain when around-the-clock pain relief is needed for a long period of time. Slow-release oxycodone is a narcotic that should not be taken more often than every 12 hours. You can buy Oxynorm (Oxycodone) 10mg capsules online without prescription (No RX).
product price is as: per capsule Minimum order quantity is: 50 capsules
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Roxycodone 30mg M30-100 Pills

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Roxicodone 30mg A215 is derived from oxycodone which is strong pain killer. Oxycontin is an opiate like its source element Oxycodone. It means that Oxycontin has also extracted from opium poppy and it has same strong effects like all other opiates have